Learn to love yourself more!

From the moment I finished high school I completely stopped playing any sport, I didn’t exercise, I ate crap food and I just lost all my motivation to do anything.

I was going through a pretty rough time, my parents had just split up and they sold our house. We ended up moving into a unit with mum and the convenience of eating takeout became a pattern. I became unmotivated, lazy, moody & my hermit life began.

When I turned 21 I moved to Melbourne for a number of reasons and I ended up having some pretty bad luck with a relationship and not meeting new people etc so I fell into a pretty bad depressive trap of just going to work and going straight home to watch tv and eat takeout.

No joke, Red Rooster near highpoint was my best friend. Pretty sure I ate it 3 times a week lol just because it was convenient and I was lazy.

In 2016, I met a woman who reminded me of my mum and we just clicked. She told me to stop making excuses and to come to her gym, it was 3 mins from my house so no excuse was going to work here to get me out of this lol! I fell in love with the people, the vibe and I got supppperrrrr motivated.

I was literally a blob as my coach called it (loved that he was this direct with me). I have boobs and a bum but my stomach and my thighs all morphed together and I was honestly just fat. Within 6 months, my shape came through and I could see a massive difference. I literally went from having no shape to having a small waist, my quads and hammies were popping and for once, looking into the mirror I actually felt like I looked GOOD.

Fast forward almost 2 yrs later and life happening and meeting new friends and losing friends I really loved, I’ve gone back into a funk of not wanting to train and not feeling motivated.

I know I just need to push through it, it is so freaking hard to get back into being motivated but looking back at photos my only motivation is me. I want to get a body back that I’m proud of because I know I’ve put effort and dedication into it. It’s going to be hard and I know that, I’m prepared for it because I can’t keep throwing excuses for why my health is not important.

WHY are we putting our health and wellbeing last?! WHY do I constantly make excuses for not putting myself first? I know it’s stupid to say but I have set a goal for myself this year to stop apologizing for who I am and putting myself and my health first.

Love, the lazy girl.


Do hair growth gummies actually work?

So I know everyone can be skeptical of anything that says “I guarantee these hair growth tablets or gummies will make your hair grow within weeks”, it’s like a social media coup to steal your money.

Do any of these insta girls actually test the products out before they throw their reviews to all gullible people who’ll spend their money thinking it actually worked?

About 5-6 months ago I thought I’d be one of those people who spent their money on another fad because let’s face it, I’m curious to see if it works + I spend too much money on products lol. I went for Bondi Boosts hair gummies, I didn’t use their shampoo or conditioner but luckily I didn’t or I would have turned into a baby gorilla (yes your hairs everywhere else grow back quick too LOL)

Now these pics are only about 4 weeks apart and my hair literally grew at least 2 cms, I stupidly dyed my hair 2 weeks into using these and it grew out so quick I had to get it re-done again, amateur.

But here it is, proof that the little bear gummie lollies I was enjoying as a treat actually helped my hair grow like it said it would – winning!!

Love, the Lazy girl


My First Blog Post

Hi Guys!

This is probably pretty obvious by the post title but this is my first official blog post, woooo!

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now because I genuinely love trying new products and giving my honest review. I can honestly be the laziest person you will ever meet so this is a platform to help me stick to the goals I’ve set myself this year.

I am starting my skin journey (one that’s been going on since my early 20’s) on ridding myself of the acne scarring I’ve had since I was 15, I’m fed up with feeling self conscious or thinking I can’t walk out of the house every day with no makeup because people will look at me funny. Stay tuned on this one!!