Do hair growth gummies actually work?

So I know everyone can be skeptical of anything that says “I guarantee these hair growth tablets or gummies will make your hair grow within weeks”, it’s like a social media coup to steal your money.

Do any of these insta girls actually test the products out before they throw their reviews to all gullible people who’ll spend their money thinking it actually worked?

About 5-6 months ago I thought I’d be one of those people who spent their money on another fad because let’s face it, I’m curious to see if it works + I spend too much money on products lol. I went for Bondi Boosts hair gummies, I didn’t use their shampoo or conditioner but luckily I didn’t or I would have turned into a baby gorilla (yes your hairs everywhere else grow back quick too LOL)

Now these pics are only about 4 weeks apart and my hair literally grew at least 2 cms, I stupidly dyed my hair 2 weeks into using these and it grew out so quick I had to get it re-done again, amateur.

But here it is, proof that the little bear gummie lollies I was enjoying as a treat actually helped my hair grow like it said it would – winning!!

Love, the Lazy girl


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